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Have you ever wondered how hard it would be to make some software? Does coding your own solution seem intimidating? We're out to show you that you can make software quickly and simply.

We start out by picking a project, either from our own ideas or listener submissions. We try to find one that we can do in a day or so, then we sit down and try to make it all at once. We record everything from our initial design ideas to a wrap up once we're done.

Sometimes we'll succeed, sometimes we'll get in over our heads. Either way, it'll be fun to try.

Join us in the chaos!


Disclaimer: We do not advise using any code you see during the show in production environments. We're building for speed and features, and it's very likely that the code will have some defects and security holes. Feel free to use the ideas behind the code, but be sure to revise any code you're borrowing to make it cleaner, more stable, and more secure.